by Genjourist Mitansh Goyal

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"Too afraid to peek over their walls for fear of what they might see."

Society! Huh, fuck society! Mind my words when I say this, for euphemism cannot alter some obvious reality. A child takes birth, learns how to talk so that he can put his ideas into words, learns how to walk, so that he can travel to his imaginary world, learns how to express, so that he can put together his thoughts and let the world know what he feels or what he wants. A child is a great imitator. He learns each and everything from this society, from how the people of this society behave, act, respond and react.

What if I say that the child, who has just entered this fallible society, is actually learning many things that are wrong from the very beginning? For instance, a newly born child is asked to worship that invisible, non-approachable force that, according to most people, leads us in our way of life. A little soul, not knowing what he’s doing, just follows the instructions, with his flawless love shaping into an unknown belief. With his unripe wisdom, religion becomes but an impediment to his own discoveries of the unknown.

Now what happens when he grows up? Well, he starts thinking and analysing, thinking of love, affection, money, intellect, magic, sex, reality, and the meaning of life. He starts finding his flaws, his insecurities, and fears. He starts dreaming of changing the world, he discovers his passion and the desires to turn his imaginations into reality start taking birth in him.

Strangely, none of this ever happens, and creativity is lost along the way. He starts thinking the same way everyone else does. He just follows the same routine every day. He starts chasing marks, although he knows very well that its significance is unnecessarily emphasized. People are like that, they keep doing the same things as everyone, not realizing what they want, what they are good in and what their capabilities are. People, in their habit of imitation, forget about their individuality.

People compel others to do what they like. A child of 10 is told to be an engineer or doctor. All that people want is a degree in their child's hands. They never ask what their child wants, what he sees in himself, where he finds himself after 10 years or anything for that matter.

Amidst all the impositions made by the society, here's a harsh truth: If you force your child to live his life the way you want, you'll end up losing him and he'll end up with a boring, miserable life, where he can no longer make his own decisions. You will both end up losing that curious mind, the curiosity which always leads to betterment and discovery. Many great minds, capable of bringing the marvellous storm of change, are lost because the unacceptable society is always by his side telling him how to do his shit.

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