by Genjourist Jayesh Mohnani

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Self-discipline is what allows you to say “no” and resist doing things that might make you happy temporarily but are bad for you. Self-discipline is like a muscle: the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. But what is so wonderful about such self-control? Life is short, so why deny yourself the little pleasures and indulgences that make you happy? Self-discipline serves only to take the joy out of life.

Should people who are more fortunate than others have more of a moral obligation to help those who are less fortunate?

More fortunate are blessed and must pass on a trifle of those blessings to the less fortunate ones. The more fortunate may bask in superfluous expenses or detrimental activities; however, if this money is spent in the upliftment of the needy, it will invariably render superior gratification.

Mr Dan Price, the CEO of Gravity Payments, a credit card company, has recently made all his employees very happy. He promised to raise the salary of even the lowest paid clerk by at least 70,000 $ in the next three years. He has planned to do this by cutting his own salary by 30,000 $; moreover, he will also use up to 80% of the company’s expected 2.2 million $ in profit to pay for the wage increase. In an interview, he was asked why he was doing this and his reply was awe-inspiring. He said he had read an article on happiness. He thereby understood that true happiness lies within philanthropy and growing as a family and not an individual. Currently, CEOs earn nearly 300 times what the average worker makes and this disparity can only be scaled down when the more fortunate wish to do so. The anticipated success of Mr Dan Price’s decision will elicit other affluent people to make similar decisions which will not only ameliorate the lives of many individuals but also the American economy.

I believe that the hidden concept behind this essay deals with the essence of happiness which one gets from philanthropy. The more fortunate will only embrace the obligation when they understand that one can also bask in other’s happiness and need not adhere to detrimental activities; moreover, philanthropy is one of the best ways of outlying one’s resources. When this conviction is understood, the obligation will be more than willingly accepted more by the fortunate.


Use the concept that self-discipline is one of the supreme assets of anybody who is more fortunate. But when they finally become financially healthy, most of them turn to philanthropy. They feel they must render humanity their service and find incomparable happiness in that. They feel that is the best possible use of having resources. For ex- Bill Gates is today equally responsible for his charity as he is for Microsoft.

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