Life in a Metro

Thousands of people sleeping, yet thousands awake,
Somewhere it’s a dark night, somewhere it’s a festival of lights,
People keep, give and take.
The sky is full of nonliving flights,
The roads are busy watching humas’ fights.
This place never sleeps, as it is fulfilling numerous dreams.
Worrying about the future, living in the present and learning from the the retro.
Such is a life in the Metro.”


Hopes, dreams, success,failure, second chances, destiny, fate, hardwork,  these are the nouns  that describe the life in the Metro. Every day is a new hope for people. The hope to get their dream job, their owm apartment,  the best education, the luxuries, the basic necessities, their life partners, the friends. The science and technology has proved to be beneficial and because of that , we have this concept of “Metro”.

It is a dream of every person to live in a metro city, so that he or she could fulfill his/her dreams. Opportunities here, take some people where they had never imagined to be and sometimes they walk people down.
The fun-fairs, markets  are in the form of malls and clubs here, where people meet each other and spend time. Thousands of smiles say n number of sad stories but the smiles manage to do their jobs.

“Time and tide waits for no man”, but here, it is, ” trains and buses wait for nobody”. Everyone is doing their own job without intruding in anyone’s life. And the downside of it is, during any accidents, we find nothing but the bystanders with their video application on.

Hundreds of broken heart are found on the walls of the monuments, but they  manage to pull their pieces together, as ‘people are like buses, they come and go’, is what people here say, to console others. Whoever has said that money doesn’t by happiness, has not lived in a city. Because people here are happy only when they get their salaries, so that they can pay rents, party, save for their future, or go shopping and in process of doing these things, they forget themselves. ‘Leisure’ time in a metro city is merely a hypothetical concept.

Sometimes we feel alone even  amidst the crowd, and sometimes  just two or three people around us  might make the whole new world. Getting a window seat is no less than an achievement for the travelers. It’s amazing how a place can shape our lives  and make us into a new person altogether. Small incidents teach important and meaningful life lessons here. After any tragic mishaps, people are immediately back to their lives and continue to live the way they were, it is all about moving on and looking  ahead. The very local trains, become late by a minute and we lose the train and that is when we realize the importance of time.


Being a Mumbaikar gives a sense of identity to people living here. All I can say is, life in a metro is undoubtedly different and equally difficult but we shape ourselves accordingly and make it as a great place to live.

-Genjourist Jeni Thakkar

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