How to join Politics in India

In India the three of the most dreamt about professions are Actor, Cricketer and Politician. Now to become an actor you need to learn acting, to become a cricketer you need to know either how to bat or bowl but what to do to become a politician? Well looking at Raj Babbar or Navjot Singh Sidhu you might think is there any quota system for these popular faces through which you can get into politics.

Well in India getting into politics is as easy as getting thrown out from it. Also these days there is a trend of changing your political parties for your interest rather than anything else.  So what are the legal and illegal procedures of joining politics in India? Let us look into it but first of all who is called a politician and what is his role is quite important to know.


Who is called a politician? What is their role?

 Politician means a person associated with political parties who runs the governance and administration of a nation, state, district or any panchayat. The role of any politician is to deal with the national issues related to economy, finance, relations with other countries, etc. Also to think about the welfare of their citizens, to make different laws, amend laws. So, a politician is like a public servant who works for their people always.


How to become a politician in India legally?

 First of all if we talk about the education required to become a politician which is necessary as politicians run the government. They need to have some knowledge about the things around them. But interestingly the Constitution of India only defines the minimum age for contesting elections which is 25 years but no minimum education has been described ever.

Anyways to become a good politician some things that might help you is:

  • Read some good books on politics and get a proper understanding of the history of politics in India and the Constitution of India.
  • Study Political Science in your graduation. You can also take Economics and Sociology but understanding about political science would be beneficiary.
  • Join any union or students group which follow your kind of ideology.
  • Contest elections in your colleges and start speaking in front of public. Being a good orator is always a plus point to rise into politics especially in India.
  • Also if you are good in studies you can crack Civil Services exams and become an IAS, IPS, IRS etc. and serve your nation.


How to become a politician in India illegally?

 In India to become a politician illegally is way easier than going through a legal path. Let us look at few of the illegal ways by which you can be a politician.

  • The easiest way to become a politician in India is take birth in a politician’s family. Now that is something which is not in your hand but if you get a chance than do grab that.
  • If you miss the opportunity be born in a political family than still you can get into it by marrying someone belonging to a political family.
  • If you are born in a wealthy family and have no idea what to do with the money that is how you can be a politician too.
  • By starting a movement against the government and getting into the limelight can win you a ticket to a political party.
  • If you have been a celebrity or a famous personality in India and have no work to do than get yourself into politics.

-Genjourist Jaideep lalchandani

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