Expel the Virus Embedded in Your Brain for Generations

The population of our world is widely divided into different races, religion, sexes and colours. Although, this statement is a commonly accepted one but, it makes one ponder on numerous thoughts. For example, why are we made up with such differences, if we all are to have an equal stature? And whether the first man was black, white or brown?

If one studies about our past extensively, you will discover that some historical books state that the first man to be born on this earth was created by God from distinct colours of soils from all over the earth and therefore, his skin was a mixture of distinct colours. Perhaps, if we were all made up of distinct patches of black, brown and white, “Mr. Stereotype” wouldn’t had been born.

Unfortunately, along the road of evolution from a regressive environment to a progressive one, mankind has fallen short of producing progressive thinkers. Grouping people under a single title has become a part of every man’s mentality. Stereotyping people around us has become a major part of what defines us and so, we have become subjects to a daily display of ‘micro-aggression’.  Micro-aggression is the unintentional act of discriminating members under distinct groups. The generality of it is so deeply rooted in all of us and in our natures, that it makes it even harder to find the distinction and correct ourselves.

We show such behaviours in several instances. Supposedly, if people observe a fair-skinned Indian girl, they remark saying that she resembles a white person, which is considered by many, as a sign of beauty. Somehow, black and brown are considered ugly colours for a woman’s skin.

Similarly, gender prejudices exist as well. If a wife earns more than her husband, the man seems to naturally feel ashamed of himself or suddenly, feel inferior in society. We find similar prejudices based on what media portrays to us. The entire Arab peninsula is regarded by many, as a backward community which is dominated by terrorists who are mainly assumed as Muslims, to such an extent that even when we sit next to a non-Arab, Muslim who keeps a long beard and wears a white cap, we are instantly driven by fear and suspicion.

We have marginalized all people under categories that we find fit for them, regardless of their individual differences. For an extended period, African-Americans were sold as mere slaves as they were considered inferior humans by law. Although, the world sympathizes with them and looks forward towards building a new era where all are considered equal, somehow the unintentional micro-aggression still prevails within us. It has become inevitable to avoid it, living in a society, which sees the world with faulty spectacles; Which magnifies only  certain aspects of certain people to define the whole of his community.

Therefore, we must realise that this highly infectious virus of stereotyping others for their gender, religion, class and racial differences, must be expelled out of our society. This will be possible only if we realise that we are all progenies of the same parent and the fact that we have been divided into such diverse and vibrant communities is that, we should learn to appreciate the differences among us. Because, If we would all be of the same kind, then perhaps, the world would remain constant and dull!

-Genjourist Madeeha Abidi

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