Importance of Reading

Why books are a miracle we all need.

As many a scholars have preached, reading is of utmost importance to our
lives. It is to the soul what oxygen is to the body.. refreshing, relaxing
and rejuvenating.
Now, of course,​ we have other means to relax and unwind after a long,
taxing day, but fancy gadgets simply can’t replace the comfort and
stimulation that a good book offers. Here’s why:

1. Fun

First and foremost, books are meant to educate AND ENTERTAIN. Feeling bored
and lonely? Got no places to go? No friends to chill with? All you need is
your nearest library to get lost into! Just find a book that catches your
eye and you are good to go.

2. Mental work out

Just like your body needs exercise to keep fit, your brain does too.
Reading provides it with a great work out by improving concentration,
memory, and increasing attention span. Studies show that reading can reduce
risk of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in young children
and slows down progress of cognitive disorders like dementia and
Alzheimer’s in the elderly, as stated in a study made by Advanced Cognitive
Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE).

3. Moments you can’t forget

Can you ever forget the first time Harry found out that he’s a wizard? Or
the first time Darcy confessed to Elizabeth his love for her? Books create
moments which are timeless. They stay with you forever and tug at your
heartstrings every time you read them. Not only that, but it literally
makes moments unforgettable by strengthening​ the synapses in your brain
each time you read something. Your memory is virtually endless and it only
expands each time new information is fed to it.

4. Better vocabulary

It’s no secret that reading adds to your repertoire of words. And good
vocabulary and articulation comes in handy almost everywhere you go!
(Doesn’t hurt to use fancy words to woo the ladies, either 😉 )

5. Builds personality

You may be born with dashing good looks, but personality is something
you’ve gotta work on. Thankfully, reading books helps you gain vast amounts
of knowledge and experience. According to a research conducted by the
University of Toronto, reading romance novels, or any artistic novels, can
provoke empathy and help you understand people better. It also makes one
open to new experiences. And it’s cheaper and easier than those pretentious
personality development courses! After all, smart is the new sexy.

6. Builds better relationships

A reader lives a thousand lives. He lives the characters in the books, he
lives theirs victories and failures. It gives him a better understanding of
people around him. It also makes him sensitive to cultures around the
world, and also more appreciative of art. Readers won’t be quick to judge,
for they know there’s more to the story than just the first page. All this
helps them understand others’ needs and communicate their own needs to
build satisfying relationships.

7. Knowledge

Be it a cheesy Nicholas Sparks or heavily technical articles on
thermodynamics, there’s always something to take from it. Even reading the
same book over and over offers new perspectives each time! Plus, knowing
stuff makes you self confident.. and badass. 😉

8. Critical thinking

Analyzing the story, understanding the characters and solving puzzles and
mysteries can engage you mind in some serious analytical and critical
thinking. It stretches the brain muscles and compels you to think laterally.

9.Relaxation technique

Have so many problems that you just wanna escape your life? You actually
can, with the help of a good book. Reading let’s you escape from reality
and live another’s life just long enough to give you a fresh perspective on
your own. Also, reading before bed helps you sleep better. Who wants yoga
class when you have books?

10. Imagination

Reading pushes the brain to be creative with it’s thoughts. Reading about a
particular place creates an image inside your head which is unique only to
you because no one else will see that same place exactly as you imagined
it! As opposed to films, which give you ready-made images and restrict your
imagination. (Those who have read the Harry Potter books before watching
the films will know what I’m talking about. *sigh*)

So go on wild adventures, fight dragons, solve homicide cases, romance
handsome gentleman with estates in Derbyshire, and fall in love over and
over again, all of this while snuggling into a cozy bean bag with a cup of
hot chocolate. Open your imagination. Open a book.

-Genjourist Neha Patwardhan

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  • April 12, 2017 at 6:27 am

    Neha…lovely article…very well thought and put together…keep writing


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