Life: Mixture of Dream And Reality

“Life” a condition which makes us different from inorganic matter.  Life can just be another word for existence. But, have you ever wondered what it is? Why does it exists? Why does it gets depleted at one point of the time? What happens when we die? What if our whole life is just a dream and when someone dies, it’s just another morning for them in a different world?

Most of us must have spent quite a bit of time pondering over this question, but we are still unable to find a logical answer to this question.

Let’s look at life from a different perspective today, what if life is a mixture of dream and reality? As you think about it you will surely agree that it indeed is a mixture of reality and dreams, and that it can’t be just reality or just dreams.

Reality isn’t some romantic movie or a sad play, nor it is a world where every dream comes true, doesn’t matters whether the dream is a good dream or a nightmare. A life without any dreams would probably be like a black line segment on a white canvas and a life without reality would be just an ugly blot of different colors representing the roller coaster of emotions we go through.

Reality and Dreams often come together as a combination of different lines, shapes, colors and textures and infuse within each other to create a masterpiece which we call life. It is said in some religions that we come from the earth and we go back in it, so, what if the clay which shapes us into living beings is reality and the potter’s wheel and his hands are our dreams? The potter or our dreams give us a purpose to live and come into this world and be something useful.

Many people say that existence is futile or we live inside a simulation, I believe in this ideology too but then sometimes I step out of my room and I see this world and the beautiful pieces or art that exists in it in the form of paintings, music, architecture, dance, literature and organic life forms. Can a simulation be so perfect that you look at something beautiful and you just get lost, lost admiring its beauty and grandeur, soaking in every minute details and getting amazed as your brains deciphers the meaning of that art piece, you feel your heart beating up fast as your adrenaline increases and then you are filled with this sudden newfound respect for life, you consider yourself lucky to exist at the same time as that piece of art.

To think about it we don’t celebrate happy dreams, we celebrate happy moments which were once a part of our dreams. We start dreaming from the time we are born and we keep dreaming till we die, some of our dreams never happen in reality and some nightmares become real but we can’t really complain about sad things in life, just remember even our heart beats are in form of waves which have their own highs and lows, life just ends when the lines are straight.

In the end keep dreaming, keep enjoying the reality, it’s full of beautiful things.

-Genjourist Amitabh Dutta

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