Life Of A Corporate Woman

In normal course of life, women is always seen as playing a very important role starting from the past time when she was responsible for upbringing of kids and other household work till today when she is not only supporting her family but also is having a great sense of responsibility towards her job.  By nature, she never wants to compromise on anything -neither towards family nor towards her job, so it became important for her to maintain a work life balance.

Corporate life – not only brought changes in life of a women but also brought changes in society and the nation as a whole. If we look deeply upon the positive and the negative aspects of the corporate life, we will find various impacts.

  1. Woman has become more powerful, stronger, confident and independent since she has entered into the corporate world. She is capable of making her own decisions towards her personal and career growth. Not only this, she is contributing towards decisions in family matters.
  2. Corporate has provided her a financial stability. From the time she has started earning, she knows-where and how she has to spend or invest.
  3. Corporate life at one end has given her an exposure towards various activities but being associated with it , she has got some commitments, targets & timelines which has increased her stress level and she is losing her patience and effects are clearly visible on family members.
  4. Working for late hours to meet the commitments towards her job, she is unable to spend quality time with the kids. Not only this, she is not able to fulfil the expectations of the older generation. As a result, her interest of living in joint family is getting hampered. she finds herself in a position to support herself financially and is ready to leave the family even for small issues. Due to her financial independence, she is not only fulfilling the needs of her children but also their demands in terms of brand consciousness.

Corporate life has given her personal and financial growth but has taken her away from family. Women are forgetting their moral values towards the family members. Basic moral value which we have inherited from our past parents, we must not forget them and try to inculcate the same in future generation. We must remain connected to our families as with their support we may grow even faster in our career. Growth at both end – in career and personal front can bring us a happy life.

-Genjourist Sarika Chawla

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