Transition Phase

Was reading some articles by other Genjourists but some people openly criticise the fact that India isn’t a place to welcome changes, call us hypocrites, Conservatives.

As quoted from other article-”Or we are far away from being developing? Or we are just a bunch of stereotypes, making issues out of nothing and turning issues into nothing?”

People consider westernisation as the new modern era. I firmly believe the very fact that they are more developed in terms of thinking logically and are welcoming new ideas to change the cultural demography but they all forget that India is lacking behind around Sixty years if not less.

So just because of those 60 years we lack in every aspect like education, technology, openness, cultural diversity and to name a few. Those countries also faced the same thing 60 years as back as we are facing now and some countries will face them after 60 years I write this stuff.

India doesn’t promotes individualism as promoted by other countries, where a person doesn’t know or even care to know who lives in front of him/her leave anything about some interactions. But who knows due to certain south eastern Philosophies, we got USA’s first Afro-American president as he wanted the medical facilities over there just like here in India so cheap and sometimes free of cost. I guess I never heard anyone here getting a dental insurance.

Everything is changing and changing is the new Constant for the social and mental development of a nation.

-Genjourist Shikhar Misra

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