The Unknown Lady

AGE: 24

Being the first baby to her parents, who had been waiting to experience this joy since long, her birth became the reason of their happiness. She was their darling and hence, their approach, when it concerned her, was conserved.

When our team met her, we curiously questioned her on the story she was about to share, guiding her to make sure that it’s effective enough so that our readers would, both, gain a lesson from and ‘feel’ the story themselves! Little did we know, that we would end up being upset upon ourselves and the society we live in, after hearing the story.


Here’s how it begins

She was about to share something that she hadn’t shared with anyone, her entire life! This unknown lady was sexually abused by her cousin brother, when she was merely Ten years old!

A sudden question arises, as to why was she narrating it to us, when she hadn’t spoken about it, since like forever! She has lived with it, for the past Fourteen years, but why talk about it now! Her polite answer in that subtle voice was, “These things are better said in-front of either strangers or people we trust extensively. I’m not sure whether I should trust you guys or not, but all I know, is that I want to get this out of my brain.”

Our next question was quite obvious, why didn’t she convey the same to her parents, who loved her and would have definitely protected her from a situation like this, to which her reply was, “You know what type of people go through this sort of situation in their lives? The ones who are usually scared, so scared that they are unable to voice their view or share anything with anyone, sometimes or usually not even to their parents! Moreover, knowing how my parents would react, specially my father, my cousin would have been dead the very next minute and I would never want my father to be serving a sentence in jail for killing someone! As for my cousin brother, he is now married and has two children, a boy and a girl and I only pray for their safety so that nothing like this ever happens to her or for the matter of fact, to anyone else.

Message to Society

To the girls out there, I would say be Bold enough to tell the truth and take a stand for yourself.

To parents, I would request, be more open with your children and talk to them about their life because you might never know what is going on in your child’s life.


And to the society, all I can say is that, it would be comforting if people like us, who are victims of such cases are accepted and treated as normals, so that we no longer feel the need to hide our identity and can freely give out our real names to feature in interviews like these, rather than names like Damini, the Unknown Lady, etc…!

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