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    The Parent Trap

    Just out of curiosity, I would urge my readers to recall moments when your family has made you feel bad about your weight/your interests/your friends/yo...

    by Genjourist Divi Gupta
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    "Too afraid to peek over their walls for fear of what they might see."

    Society! Huh, fuck society! Mind my words when I say this, for euphemism ...

    by Genjourist Mitansh Goyal
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    Expel the Virus Embedded in Your Brain for Generations

    The population of our world is widely divided into different races, religion, sexes, and colours. Although this statement is a commonly accepted one, it...

    by Genjourist Madeeha Abidi
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    Lookind Down The Top

    In today's day, women are striving hard and transforming themselves to become true achievers in almost every industry and sphere of life. It is indeed s...

    by Genjourist Sethulakshmy Menon
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    Life Of A Corporate Woman

    In the normal course of life, a woman is always seen playing a vital role starting from the time when she is responsible for the upbringing of the child...

    by Genjourist Sarika Chawla

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Life In A Metro

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