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    You're Worth It

    If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?

    The real hardship in life is to overcome h...

    by Genjourist Divi Gupta
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    Self-discipline is what allows you to say “no” and resist doing things that might make you happy temporarily but are bad for you. Self-discipline is...

    by Genjourist Jayesh Mohnani
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    A word so small hides thousands of emotions in it. A word so accurate enough to define a mental illness. Yes! A mental illness. The one who remains in t...

    by Genjourist Vranda Sharma
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    Beauty Redefined

    Beauty, as defined by the Oxford dictionary, is ‘a combination of qualities giving pleasure to the sight, mind etc.’ Now, there is absolutely no men...

    by Genjourist Divi Gupta
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    Importance Of Reading

    Why books are a miracle we all need.

    As many scholars have preached, reading is of utmost importance to our lives. It is to the soul what meditatio...

    by Genjourist Neha Patwardhan

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