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    Life: Mixture of Dream And Reality

    Life, a condition that differentiates us from inorganic matter. Life can just be another word for existence. But have you ever wondered what it actuall...

    by Genjourist Amitabh Dutta
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    All About Relationships

    There are myriad kinds of love, but most people seek its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner. These relations are the most m...

    by Genjourist Annie Joshi
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    Life In A Metro

    Thousands of people asleep, yet thousands awake, Somewhere it’s a dark night, somewhere it’s a festival of lights, People keep, give, and take. T...

    by Genjourist Jeni Thakkar
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    One Place, Different lives.

    With the many students entering the campus, entered many dreams, stories, aspirations, vibes and talents. New Year, new batches and new colours were add...

    by Genjourist Saumya Sharma
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    Is gambling immoral ?

    immoral = transgressing accepted moral rules, corrupt; unscrupulous or unethical Gamble = to play a game of chance for...

    by Genjourist Saurabh Sharma

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